More of that music, please.
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I am obsessed with this album by Explosions in the Sky, The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place. I like it because it tells a story without words and is neither boringly adult contemporary nor super metal. It's melodic and beautiful, and somehow both relaxing and energizing. Is there anything else like this? Even their other albums aren't quite what I'm after.

I've seen this previously, but the recommendations aren't quite as granular as I'd like -- specific albums or songs, please.

Bonus question: I want to view or make some kind of beautiful light show on a screen to go with this album, kind of like how the windows music player used to visualize your music for you back in the day. Does anyone know how if there's an app for that or if I can somehow make my own?
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Everything by Godspeed, You Black Emperor.
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Red Sparowes, Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun, maybe. I certainly get lost in their stuff.
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God is An Astronaut, specifically the album, All is Violent, All is Bright
and the song, Suicide by Star
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Best answer: Four Months of Darkness by Saxon Shore is very much like that. It's awesome and I think it tells a story more than any Mogwai albums, personally. It's only five songs though so I recommend them all. Saxon Shore does have several other albums, but Four Months of Darkness is my favorite. Be A Bright Blue is their first album and to me leans toward the Explosions In The Sky simplicity of guitars and drums. Then with each new album, the music gets more complicated and more like a Mogwai sort of layered sound. Four Months of Darkness is their second album so it's in between but does storytelling very well, IMO.

I went through a phase of loving instrumental music and some of it can just either be repetitive or overwrought. Each of Mogwai's albums have their own sound -- I liked Come On Die Young, but that would probably sound too "hard" for you.

I like the song "Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be A Bad Person" by Kaki King. Songs "1975" and "Thirty" by Laterna are good.
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Mono: Hymn to the Immortal Wind
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M83 sometimes has that sort of cinematic, expansive feel that I think of when I think Explosions in the Sky. Try Gone, My Tears are Becoming a Sea, Steve McQueen, Coloring the Void to start with, though there are surely others that fit the bill across their discography. I'd also suggest the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack.

As for visualizations (which is the term for those light shows), you might try G-Force, or just google the terms "music visualization" for more ideas.
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I came to recommend Red Sparowes and Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Sun but while I was gathering links Leon beat me to it. Oh well..

Worth your time to check them out, I should think.
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Dirty Three - Horse Stories
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Sigur Ros - Njosnavelin
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yes to Godspeed You Black Emperor.
Also, Tortoise- Djed
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fuck buttons
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Signal Hill
This Will Destroy You
El Ten Eleven

The genre is "post-rock."
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A somewhat left field suggestion but try Chill Out by the KLF. Not the same orchestral sounds in the slightest but it's certainly a journey album.

Also, the two b sides on Sigur Ros Ny Battery single. They are fantastic.
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Listening to the EITS album you linked to I'm really struck by how much they remind me of 80's post-punk 4AD instrumentalists Dif Juz. I think you may want to investigate their back catalogue. Maybe start with the Vibrating Air EP.
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Going by your description alone, I thought you might be looking for blessed out melodic shoegaze/nugaze, like Echodrone's Sun Rose in a Different Place or 93MillionMilesFromTheSun's "Tall Buildings in Large Cities" or Secret Shine's Untouched. But actually going back and revisiting the linked album, I agree with earlier posters: you're after classic postrock.

Some additional suggestions to go with those already listed:

Daturah, "Warmachines."
Laura, "Is There No Help for the Widow's Son?" and "Cambridge Bypass (both off Radio Swan Is Down).
Flying Saucer Attack, Flying Saucer Attack.
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drukqs by Aphex Twin does this for me.
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