Looking for title of a video from the 90's.
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I am a librarian and had a phone call this afternoon which centered around a VHS set of videos a lady had checked out in the early 90s. She wanted to know if I could remember the name of them.

Here is the description (her words, not mine):

"biblical reenactments for children narrated by a big flamboyant effeminate man (who the kids

just love) and his large talking sheepdog" Ring any bells?
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Davey and Goliath?
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Benji and Waldo had a sheep dog and was about bible stories but I don't think the dog talked nor was there a narrator.

Oh man we sent away for those Jesus posters and totally thought they were the shit oh god my childhood was so creepy...
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Could it have been Blood And Honey? My dad showed us this in Sunday school.
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Best answer: None of the above. I totally remember this but I can't remember the guy's name, aargh. Trying.
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It sounds a little like Psalty the Singing Songbook and his creepy "dog" Blooper. I don't know if they did narrated reenactments, but there were a lot of videos in the series, so maybe?
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Oh my god I just came back to link that exact video Rhaomi did, that's what I was thinking of. Psalty was so freaking creepy.
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