Seeking android music app which will sort podcasts
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I want something that will separate podcast tracks into a separate playlist, and then sort that playlist by ‘album’. Does this app exist? I am _not_ looking for a specific podcast app for downloading/subscribing, just something to sort & order existing items.

I’m using iSynchr to transfer tracks from iTunes on my desktop, which is fine, but my music players either don’t recognise ‘podcast’ as different from any other music and order the tracks into albums (e.g. ‘This American Life’) so I have to scroll through all my music albums to find the podcasts – or they do organise podcast tracks into a podcast playlist, but there’s no sub-sorting, so all the tracks are just higgledy-piggledy.

I don’t mind if I have to do some manual work myself, e.g. by labelling all the podcast ‘albums’ with four stars or some other tag. I’ve been through several previous questions here about this, but they seem to be asking for specific podcast-related apps, whereas I think what I need is a smarter music player. But I may be wrong! If a podcast app could do this, and recognise stuff transferred from iSynchr that’d be great, but it has to be functional while offline (I have a tiny tiny data plan, so can't download onto the phone itself).

(The phone is a fairphone, fwiw)
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The people who make iSyncr do make an Android music player called Rocket Player. It does provide separate tabs for Artists, Albums, Playlists, Folders (for random on device audio files), Podcasts and Videos.

There is on device playlist sorting by Title, Date, Artist, Album and a few other things.

For my use, I basically use a series of Smart Playlists in iTunes that get synced to Android using iSyncr/Rocket Player. I also manually curate a normal playlist in iTunes where I order things to get an appropriate distribution of different types of podcasts as well as to force time sensitive podcasts near the front of the queue.
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I agree with mmascolino, if you use isyncr, you can do this using playlists or smart playlists on your computer, and syncing those playlists.
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