Portland, Oregon Auto mechanic recommendation?
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As a result of a series of events, it looks like I will be driving my boyfriend's older Bronco as a daily vehicle for a while. Before I start doing this, the Bronco should be tuned up and given a once-over and determined to be mechanically sound. I don't have an existing relationship with an auto mechanic. Can you recommend one in Portland, Oregon?

The Bronco has been a recreational/occasional use vehicle in Las Vegas for several years, and in the last couple of years was driven from Vegas to Boise and transported to Portland. It definitely runs and has just been DEQed and licensed in Oregon.

I just want to make sure it doesn't have major mechanical problems that would prevent it from being a usable vehicle for short trips and commuting (~45 miles roundtrip on the highway) a couple times a week. I don't have a local mechanic and I'd like a recommendation for someone who can give an older car a good once-over for a reasonable price. If something needs fixing I want to know, of course, but I don't need someone to get this car to like-new condition.

N/NE Portland would be awesome, but anywhere in Portland is doable, as is Hillsboro or Tigard (near respective workplaces).
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Everett Street Autoworks are phenomenal. Not necessarily the cheapest, but the most honest right off the bat I've ever worked with.
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We've had a good relationship with PDX Automotive.
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Clay's Auto Repair in Hillsboro is pretty well-respected and who we keep going back to because we can't find anyone better. They'll give you a ride to and from work so it's convenient to take your car in at the beginning of the work day and have it all fixed by the time you're done with work.
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i can not recommend miller mechanical enough. car talk is really a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to me but they are always able to explain exactly what is going on with my car, what needs to be done, and why in a way that i could completely comprehend.
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