Warm, late December vacations under $1000, please, Alex.
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My group of six young professionals would like to get out of the Boston freeze for five days or so around New Year's. (We can see it coming and we're not looking forward to it!) We'd like to go someplace tropical, and we'd like to spend less than $1000/pp. Where should we go, where should we stay, where should we eat, and what should we do?

We're happy to use airbnb or similar, take red-eye flights, eat cheap food/cook for ourselves, and do whatever else recommended to come in under the limit. It would be cool to be a little off the beaten path if we could -- we like unique experiences and we figure it'll be cheaper that way anyway. We'd like to be relatively safe, but we're not afraid of adventure.

We've been looking at cheap flights we see down to the Dominican Republic right now. Any other ideas?
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I like Suntrips for packages to warm places.
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They say New Orleans is the northernmost city in the Caribbean. Do a "live like a local" vacation and try to never set foot in the French Quarter.
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If any of you belong to Costco, you should check out vacation packages on their website. They frequently have good deals.
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Puerto Rico, rent an apartment outside of the touristy areas.

Florida, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale. Just get a motel away from the coast. It's just as warm inland, you can drive to the beach.
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Definitely look into Puerto Rico. A few years ago, I rented a condo with some friends in San Juan right down the street from the beach and it came in under $1,000. Several people did share beds, which came in handy.
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We just were looking into this (from CT). We also wanted beach but the flights to anywhere beachey except Florida were far too expensive. At least $500, any foreign country $1000. So we are going to New Orleans, which was $250.
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