What does it take to launch a social media app?
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I'm talking about a start-up app that is like Instagram when it first started (in terms of server needs as well as the kind of professionals that are needed to make it happen). Are there any online resources that can help a layman with a budget explore the depths of such an ominous endeavor?

I'm not worried about marketing because I have a detailed plan for that. What I'm talking about are the basics on how to launch such an app (iOS app, Android app, as well as a website).

Of course I know that I need a web developer, iOS/Android developers, and a graphic designer, but are there additional professionals I need to seek out?

I also need some helpful tips on where to start looking as far as server specs are concerned. For instance, what's a good size or a good service for that sort of thing? What kind of hardware am I looking at? Can I start on a Google or a Windows cloud and switch to my own once the app gains more traction? ...

What I need is something along the lines of "Mobile app start-up for dummies" or at least some resources about how an app like Instagram first started out as reference.
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You want High Scalability, specifically these two posts from April 2012.
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Response by poster: awesome!
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I've built a few very-successful-by-any-stretch-of-the-imagination sites and apps. I'd highly recommend finding a technical cofounder. The amount of technology you need to understand to really build a workable system is immense. It's hard to go-it alone in a reasonable amount of time if you are not technical.

If you want to do it yourself, there are a ton of online tutorials on app development. As for hosting the server and website, look into heroku. It will get you started and it's free. Google app engine or Windows services are fine too. Of the cloud services, I'd recommend Amazon, however. Easiest to find folks to help you out.

You don't need more than a server and web developer and a client developer. You might find success with sites like odesk. I've used them before and you can find good folks and it's cheaper than a firm.
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