Transcribe these cadence yells from UMD?
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BandGeekFilter: Can someone tell me what the band members and/or audience are yelling in University of Maryland's two Truck cadences (same song, different recordings, legal).

It's my favorite cadence, but I have no idea why it's called that or what in the world most of them are saying. I've already emailed UMD's band addy (and get daemon errors back) to ask. Any alumni out there know, perhaps?

The can be found here for free, but I'd advise using the advertisement-heavy (also free) mirrors so UMD isn't flooded.

UMD - Truck 1995 mirror
UMD - Truck 1998 mirror

I'm pretty sure (makes sense) that (on 1998 at appx 0:56, 1995 @ 0:58) they're spelling out M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D twice. And I think at the end, the drum majors calls sound vaguely like, "Who's the best band on the planet?" "No sir" (?), followed By "Who?" and more No-sir's, maybe. And somewhere in the middle (appx 3:15 on 1995) is something about a yellow bird, with a yellow bill, a synthohol (or "set the alarm"?) a window sill, going to bed, and something about their head.

Also taking suggestions for university or high school candences on mp3 that you think are better than this..
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The yellow bird thing is about a third of the way down this page (found by googling "yellow bird" "yellow bill" "window sill").
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Response by poster: That tune does explain the yellow bird section mostly, with what I'm guessing so far as:

A yellow bird
With a yellow bill
Was sitting on
My window sill
I lured him in
With a hunk of bread
And then I smashed
His little head

But there are still lots of sections still to go, possibly with team-spirit type calls. That did clear up a good part though, thanks.
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Best answer: Well, I ended up answering my own question. I went to (UM Band Alumni Org) and emailed a few people from that year. They wrote back a list of most everything said, some of which they said changes with the year and varied by marching section (saxes, trumpets, etc). Email me if you're like the scoop :-D
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