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Name-that-song filter. Male singer, lyrics (I think) contain the line: "as big as Saskatchewan, you're never going to see me again." Any ideas? Not much more inside, I'm afraid.

Could be an American/Canadian band, probably released in the past 10 years, sounds indie-ish, like a cheerier version of Low.

Sorry for the goofy question, this has been bugging me for almost a year and googling was getting me nowhere.
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Any chance it was it French? Les Trois Accords Saskatchewan? Great song, super fun group. Some lyrics:

Tu m'a pris ma femme
À ma crisser là
Pour un gars d'Regina

tu m'as pris ma femme
depuis qu'est parti
moé cht'un gars fini

tu m'as pris ma femme
mon ch'val me parle pu
mes vaches me disent tu

tu ma pris ma femme
ma prendre mon lasso
pis ma t'crisser ds leau
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Could it possibly be a variant of Lawsuit's "North Dakotachrome"?
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2nd muffinman


I think that it's catching on
I'll move out to Saskatchewan
You're never gonna see me again

Sometimes it helps to search for just the lyrics your certain of. I searched for "lyrics You're never gonna see me again"
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