To which secret society does this belong?
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I want to buy this weird fire screen because it looks awesome, but I want to make sure it's not for some (unnecessarily) sketchy secret society/order. This is in Sweden.
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That looks awesome! Googling came up with a 'thaumaturgic triangle' for at least the triangle within a circle--I'll let you decide whether to follow the links. Weird as hell. But nothing as specific as the two encircled triangles shooting lightning bolts. Who cares what it is--just get it and douse it with some holy water.
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I strongly suspect it is a reference to the Illuminati -- triangles and radiating rays/bolts are very common in Illuminati imagery.
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It could also, you know, be decorative. Google "sun fireplace screen" and you will see that the sun is a common decorative element in such things (hint: fire). If you look closely, the center of the triangle appears to have a little bit of blue glass in it, which might light up in front of a burning fire.

I guess if you squint at it, it could look like that funky symbol on top of Aleister Crowley's hat, but I would rather attribute this to the work of an artist instead of conspiracy theorists overactive imaginations.
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The pyramid in the circle is used by all kinds of religious and magic organizations and political and corporate organizations.
Looks like a hybrid of a Black Sun and other assorted occult type symbols.
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Triangle is an old symbol for the element of fire. And yes, it's been used in alchemy recipes.
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It's totally great. Buy it! Don't think it means warlocks will start knocking on your door suddenly. Or Masons, for that matter. Great discovery!
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Forgot to add that I lived in Sweden for a total of 9 years and it would have to be a super secret society because I never heard or saw anything like it while I was there. Much to my sorrow, now that I've seen it.
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