Who's the New Illuminati?
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The Bavarian lodges. The Rothschilds. The Trilateral Commission. It's all so dated. Who are the new people behind the curtain running things? The gay mafia? Google? Some shadowy NSA subgroup? I'm trying to make a list.
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The Bilderbergers?
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The Renaissance Weekend folks.
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Bohemian Grove?
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Skull & Bones?
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The Black Crusaders.
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Goldman Sachs?
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That creepy secret gathering of eminent writers that Jeff Bezos runs once a year.
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No one - just chaos and human nature, in the form of rich people with conflicting goals. But, an xkcd comic has a list of organizations who didn't stop last year's Government shutdown.
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The billionaire "hippies" at Burning Man.
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There seems to still be a surprising amount of traction for the media being run by the "Hollywood liberal elite", often with homophobic and/or Anti-Semitic overtones.

The GamerGate folks have some pretty elaborate conspiracy theories involving games journalism being run by some kind of corrupt evil newsgroup, though obviously beware going down that rabbit hole if you don't want to read a lot of amazingly hateful and misogynistic bullshit.

The Freemasons are a classic that really seems to have stuck around.

Some more: oil companies, Dick Cheney, HYDRA, the MetaFilter cabal. See also the Wikipedia Secret Society category.
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Borman Capital Network
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The lizard people in their secret base under Denver International Airport.
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Jon Ronson's book Them talks about how he went and hung out with a bunch of conspiracy theorists and extremists of various ilks. This includes the KKK, some British Islamic terrorists, some Bilderberg / Bohemian Grove conspiracy theorists, and some of David Ickes's lizard people believers. It's a very interesting book, and it's not fiction, but Jon Ronson is also a humorist, and it's pretty fun to read.
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The Military-Industrial Complex (who maintain their grip on humanity via technologies gained via Dulce Base).
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Honestly the Kochs are the ones that spring to mind. After that, follow the money. If you've never heard of them before, they're probably illuminati.
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Steve Jackson Games has a list of groups that could be The New Illuminati. Fnord.
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The Koch Brothers
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The lizard people.
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The Fellowship (The Family) comes to mind. Also voting for the Koch brothers.
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The United Nations. Look up "Agenda 21," a set of sustainable development goals passed by the UN, which has become a focus of nutbar far-right conspiracy theorizing in recent years.
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George Soros
Shelden Adelson
Karl Rove
Cultural Marxists
Creeping Sharia
Flash Traders
National Reconnaissance Office
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Beyoncé and Jay Z
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The World Economic Forum (aka "Davos")
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Whoever the Koch Bros answer to and whose directions they follow. Follow the money is always the way to see who's pulling the strings.
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On a regional level in St. Louis: Rex Sinquefield and Paul McKee, a.k.a. rich white dudes with enough money to repeatedly get things on state ballot initiatives or corner the market on entire swaths of real estate and then get the legislature to change laws to make them viable investments. On a national level, check out the NFL owners for more of this general sort of shenanigans. Also, there's a whole world of shadowy PACs out there.
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Oh right, also: racist people in power who are driven by forces and desires beyond their conscious recognition and/or people who donate to their campaigns (e.g., some huge percentage of people in office across the U.S.). And some of the people who run law-enforcement training seminars and conferences and sell police products. The seedy underbelly of that world: shadowy ex-cops who hang out on police message boards and "investigate" people and/or whoever pays people to troll and spam Twitter and influence discussions like #Ferguson. Oh, and Palantir. (Even though these things are real, people think you're a conspiracy theorist if you talk about them, sooo...)
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NFL owners, Augusta National, and the US Senate are the go-to list of the best three elite clubs.

The small number of people in entertainment who can greenlight a high budget feature or series.

The comparably small number of VCs who can sign off on large capital rounds.

Folks who have the President's email address and the number of the cell phone his body man carries.
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Oh, and Palantir.

The guy who named that company either hasn't read the books or has a really dark sense of humor.
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