Minecraft for the 5 year old, moving from tablet to PC
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My 5 year old son /loves/ playing Minecraft on my grandmother's iPad when she visits. I have a chromebook that I can put linux on. What is the best way to transition him from a touchscreen interface to keyboard+mouse (or bluetooth controller?)? What other differences are there between the touchscreen & computer versions, it has been at least 5 years since I've played Minecraft on my computer, and never on the iPad.
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Kids are smart, give them the opportunity to learn and they will surprise you.

I'd say just give him the keyboard/mouse setup, show him WASD, and have him go to town.
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I would make sure you're set to Creative mode rather than Survival mode so you can do more exploring and building and less getting killed...but yeah, just go explore.
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The iOS version and the PC version are pretty different (the PC version has many more blocks / monsters / aminals / features / what have you). It's fundamentally still the same game, of course.

I'm not sure how well it would run on a Chromebook. The PC version runs in Java (it's my understanding that the iOS version is a complete rewrite, hence the differences) and is more resource-hungry than you might expect. Give the demo a try on it before you drop the $whatever on a license.

I don't know about the control thing. I personally can't imagine playing the game on anything other than mouse+keyboard.
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Kids will pick stuff up like this in literally seconds. Just show them how and let them go.
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