Help me get a good nights sleep.
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I have an old but sound mattress and I'm thinking about getting a memory foam topper. Normally I'm good at making a choice, however I've read so many different things about memory foam toppers that I'm at a loss as to what to do. Please help me chose what to do.

I currently have a mattress that I've owned for over 9 years and it was second hand when I got it (though it was still excellent quality), it's still sound and doesn't dip at all. The mattress is on a wooden slats. Since January I've had hip pain and it's now in both hip. When I first get into bed my hip hurts when I lie on it, then that pain goes away as I get used to lying down. My hips are stiff/sore when I get up after sleeping or sitting down for a while. I thought that a memory foam topper might be the way to go.

However I've not got much of a budget so my choices are limited. I've also read many different reviews and opinions about them. I don't want to waste the money I have on something that will be no good in a few months. I've read about different depths, densities etc. So I was wondering if I could have other peoples experiences with mattress toppers and your opinions on some of the different ones I've found.

4" 40kg topper
2" 60kg
3" 60kg
2" 75kg

Would any of those be suitable?
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This is the one I've had for a couple years on a cheap mattress, and I've been extremely happy with it - better than any hotel bed I've slept on. Can't comment on any others, but I suspect there's not a ton of difference between different brands, if the foam type is the same. Not everyone likes the feel of memory foam, but the toppers tend to be cheap enough that it's worth a shot to see if it works for you.
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This may or may not be at all helpful, but several years ago now I was working at a place where the desk chairs were soft and over the course of just a few weeks developed pretty surprisingly bad hip pain whenever I sat down. The solution I found that worked was to sit only on something hard, like piano benches. Many years later I've never had a recurrence (and I sit on whatever I want).

All that to say, try sleeping on your floor a couple nights before investing in foam. The solution may well NOT be something that gives you more cushion.
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An experiment you might try if you sleep on your back (cheaper than a foam topper) is to put some pillows under your knees. That helped me with some back and hip pain.

If you don't sleep on your back, maybe give it a shot? :)
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