A different kind of hair removal.
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How do I remove hair that's stuck in a foam mattress topper, without breaking it?

I can't possibly be the only one having this problem, but my Google-fu has failed me once again.

I have a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper that improves my sleep quality immensely. However, I've noticed that when I strip my sheets (flat sheet on top + a very thin mattress pad...more like a pad of thicker cotton or something), somehow my hair still has worked through the two layers of fabric on top to hit my foam mattress topper. And I don't mean just laid down on top where I can grab it and chuck it into the garbage, I mean the individual strand of hair has somehow (probably through my weight on top tossing and turning) worked its way right INTO the mattress topper and is now kind of stuck. Even vacuuming the mattress topper won't get rid of it; it requires precise yanking force to remove it from however its wormed itself into the 3 inch of foam.

Problem is human hair tends to break if you yank it. For every single hair I have successfully removed, I break at least 5, in which the broken end disappears back into the 3 inch of foam, never to be seen again.

I have tried using just my hands to pull at them, as well as using a pair of small tweeezers (think eyebrow tweezers) and it doesn't seem to make a difference. My hair is long and dark (hence why it's visible) and I make sure to pull at the hair slowly, carefully, and as close to the foam as possible, even pushing down on the foam to expose more of the hair, but it usually just breaks anyway.

How do I remove the hair without it breaking and having the broken strand disappearing back into the sea of foam?
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How about one of those adhesive lint rollers?
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try lifting it up with packing tape?
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Is there any particular reason it would need to be removed at all?
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This doesn't answer your question, but try getting a high quality mattress pad, with a high thread count.
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I get why you're grossed out at the idea of your hair in there, but... i would seriously not worry about it. Assuming your hair is relatively clean, i think "out of sight out of mind" might be an acceptable position.

The other alternative: start adjusting your diet and using different hair products to grow stronger hair :)
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Memory foam softens when warm, maybe a hot water bottle could help (might increase the gription though).

Also, what kind of diet grows stronger hair & how strong can you grow it?
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Packed Lunch: Generally, the typical 'healthy diet' full of healthy oils will contribute to stronger, shinier hair. (see here) But for the most part, i was being a bit facetious... :)
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