Looking for the full version of a historical photo
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I've been working on a research paper and I've been trying to find the full, high-resolution version of a 1936 photograph (that preferably extends beyond what is shown here). It made the front page news in London and shows the British Mandate riot police quelling Palestinian demonstrations.
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Any idea which newspaper? The London Times is behind a paywall, alas, though maybe your uni has a subscription.

I would try Trove, from the National Library of Australia. Particularly in the first half of the 20th century, Australian newspapers were very good about reprinting stories from the UK press.
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granger has it.
It was on the front of the Illustrated London News--you may be able to find a scan.
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Oops-- this site shows a wider version, but they cite Library of Congress which isn't accurate. The cropped out margins don't show much more action.
Superstock also has the cropped version.
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Here are two more, but not very high quality:


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Response by poster: Thanks for all your replies, but they're all pretty much the same crop (or less) unfortunately.... The newspaper is “The Illustrated London News”, and this is how it looked.
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My university has access to the ILN archive online. Check your MeMail, omar.a.
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Oh, unless you are looking for the original from which the ILN sourced its image, in which case, sorry, I'm no help.
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Response by poster: @monkeymonkey, check your MeMail
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If the full version of the photo isn't in the ILN archive online, you could try contacting the Mary Evans Picture Library. According to their website they own the original Illustrated London News archive. They might have more information on the source of the photograph.
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