What song is this?
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I'm on a mission to find out what song this is. Heard on the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me at the very end of Season 1, Episode 8. Shazaam didn't recognized and I asked a gentleman at Hyped2Death.com and he didn't know. Also tried to decipher the lyrics, some are garbled. Singer is British I think? Thanks!

You don’t have to be rich
I’ve got a lot to give but it’s not more in my heart
I’ve got two legs but I don’t seem to be able to walk
I can put one foot in front of the other and before you know it I can talk
And it drives me mad, though it’s not that bad
He’s got a heart of gold he’s as open as they come
He’s easy to read…
So I told him, suck kid get yourself in line [garbled]
And before you know it you’ll be going on and growing on [garbled]
Don’t go changing, I like the way you are
You’re very, very special just the way you are
You’re already a star
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"Little Girl Paranoid" by Luey Arrogant.
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Here's a slightly better version of the first part of the song, if that's helpful.
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Oh!! Thank you so much! I thought I saw the youtube post and was looking for the song info, but guess I missed it!
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