Figuring out what "System Data" is and how to reduce it on Android 4.0.4
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How do I figure out what "system data" is in my system memory and how do I reduce the size for android 4.0.4?

Hey how's it going guys? I have an LG Lucid with total memory of 8 GB(4GB System memory, 4GB Internal memory). Of my 4GB system memory, 2.83GB is "system data", 608MB is apps and 586 is available. I can't really find out anywhere about what exactly this system data is or how to go about figuring out what it is/how to reduce the size. I've already moved many apps to my Internal memory and cleared the caches for my browser and virtually all of the apps that exist both on my system memory and internal memory. The reason I'm asking is because my phone is unbearably slow sometimes and I feel like the high "system data" could very well be the culprit. Can anyone help me out with this? Much appreciated in advance.
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It is really unclear what you mean by memory. I'm assuming you mean solid memory chips like an sdcard and not RAM. Basically you're phone has a removable chip and a built in chip. The built in chip will have slightly faster processing speeds that won't be noticeable unless you are measuring due to literally being closer to the processor and other complicated factors. That's why the OS is always on that chip. If you're concerned about space purchase a larger chip for your internal removable chip.
Many things could show your phone down that are not related to the physical amount of data. Number of processes open (don't run all apps at once). The speed of the processer. The operating system itself.
Graphics add ons.

The system data is generally important stuff. It's hard to differentiate. You may want to consider backing up data and doing a factory reset.
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The "System Data" is the phone's operating firmware, all the software that makes it into a phone. There's nothing you can do about it.
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My phone is a Verizon DNA Droid (a version of the HTC Butterfly) and this memory is listed as "Other".

It's also 4.57 GB because the phone maintains a backup copy. That makes it possible to do Over-The-Air firmware updates, which has happened three times since I got the phone. (One of those was an upgrade to Android 4.4.2.)
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