Trying to source a quote about justice
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Trying to source a quote - my father always told me something like, "If the innocent don't stand up for their rights the job is left to the guilty" or something like that. Who was he paraphrasing?

Google has failed me. He was explaining why I should never talk to a cop without a lawyer. About why I should stand up for my civil rights even if I was innocent.
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was it edmund burke, essentially, "evil will prevail if good men do nothing."?
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Hell, maybe it was just my dad who said it.
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Vaguely related is the aphorism, "Hard cases make bad law."

When the guilty or disreputable stand up for their rights, well ... they may have some trouble getting the court's sympathy and the court may make some "bad law" in order to avoid finding in their favor. Not so, for a more sympathetic defendant.
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Not sure if this is really a Ben Franklin quote, but it has the same spirit as what you're talking about:

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
― Benjamin Franklin
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