Evil, Sexy Tango
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Three of my favorite songs share a similar sort of vibe, a vibe that I tend to think of as sort of tango-like, but with a sort of snarling, sinister edge. I'd like to find more stuff like this so that I could make a mix tape in this vein.

The songs:

Joe Henry - Stop (possibly more familiar via his sister-in-law Madonna's remake, "Don't Tell Me")
Firewater - Bourbon & Division
Cory Branan - The Snowman

Note: I am aware I am playing fast and loose with the word "tango." I'm less interested in busting out the pedantry and parsing out the right terminology than I am in finding more songs like the ones above.

Thanks in advance!
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Tom Waits, 'Jockey Full of Bourbon' seems like a good start.
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Whatever Lola Wants, Gotan Project cover of this awesome Sarah Vaughan song!!

Nthing Grace Jones.

You'll like other Gotan Project songs, too, I bet.
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Tom Lehrer, "The Masochism Tango."
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Murder by death have some good ones.

On the Dark Streets Below.
One More Notch.
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Tindersticks, Rented Rooms. Or really you might like the vast majority of their stuff.
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Didnt listen to the links but im throwing out: To the End of Love by JackBeats.
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You want Nick Cave's Red Right Hand.
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More Tom Waits: Telephone Call from Istanbul, Bad as Me, Everything Goes to Hell, and probably more I'm forgetting or not even aware of.
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Jason Webley's Dance While The Sky Crashes Down
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Gotye, Coming Back
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Ha, "evil, sexy tango" is a great description of a lot of Tom Waits' material.

I don't know that he's exactly in line with your seed tracks, but you may like Dr. John - old stuff like Babylon (69), Gumbo (72), In The Right Place (73) and new stuff like this track with Derek Trucks.
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A lot of Johnny Dowd fits this description; Worried Mind is a pretty good example of this.
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"Jezebel" by Reverend Horton Heat is kinda like that.
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Honey honey, Little Toy Gun.
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Also, lots of Nick Cave's stuff fits this bill, especially Up Jumped the Devil.
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You might like Elbow - The Fix.
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