Where to dine in SF Chinatown?
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Four people need a satisfying meal in San Francisco Chinatown this Saturday evening -- where to go?

Not seeking anything phenomenal, we don't want to stand in line, and one of speaks Cantonese.
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R & G Lounge
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R & G is a great suggestion.
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Yup. R&G, do that.
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My favorite is Hunan Home's. I was never all that thrilled with R&G Lounge, even though I know it's considered really good. Make a reservation. They've accommodated me without a reservation when they were full, but that may be because they recognized me. On the other hand, they're such cool people that it might have been that they were just being nice.
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Best answer: I vote for Woey Loy Goey.

It's in the basement and it's a hole in the wall. I've been eating here since I was a toddler. Two menus, ask for the Wo Choy. This is the daily special and you won't know what it is until they bring it out.

If you want to order off the menu, Potstickers and war wonton soup are to die for here. Before it got endangered, there was a slice of abalone on the soup that my sister and I would fight over. They used to do a 'chinese spaghetti' that was long noodles, beef strips in a tomato sauce with chunks of tomato. YUMMY.

I believe they serve beer. They also do that almond flavored agar dessert with fruit cocktail in it.
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If you go to R&G be aware they are mostly a seafood restaurant so that's what you should get. Avoid the American Chinese offerings which are pretty mediocre.
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Great Eastern and City View both have great dim sum. Also, down the street from R&G is House of Nanking, which is also quite good.
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If you like spicy food, Z&Y. Can't comment on lines here though, so best to get a reservation.
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Response by poster: Marking Woey Loy Goey as best 'cause that's were we went, and had great food, and a great time!
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