Computer Repair, New York, Below 14th, Craigslist?
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I am helping a non tech person to arrange to have their computer repaired, it has been rendered unusable due to a malware/virus infestation. The owner is an older woman living alone and a bit on the gullible side.

The computer is a Dell desktop around five years old running vista.

The owner is not going to be able to disconnect, deliver, pick up, or reconnect the machine.

I have been quoted fairly reasonable prices for a reinstall at a shop, it starts getting expensive if the work is done on site or if the shop comes and picks up the computer and then brings it back to the apartment. I spoke to the folks at the Little Laptop Shop, they want 99.00 to reinstall the system, not sure if that includes backup, and 125.00 an hour to pick up and drop off, they figure an hour each way.

I started going through Craigslist.... it seems like a total crap shoot and given owners personal specs, perhaps not the best idea.

I am looking for a recommendation for a affordable reliable person/shop who can deal with this computer. Or a reality check, is the price above the best I am going to find?

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That price seems reasonable for NYC. Computer repair is something that has fallen by the wayside, generally, as a business, since computers have become less expensive and more powerful over time.
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With a 5 year old computer, she might just be better off buying a new Chromebook for $199.
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As a self-employed computer tech, don't buy repair services on Craigslist. We call those people "pizza techs" for a reason.

$99 for a reinstall, especially in NY, is really really good. That's what I charge in WV, although I almost guarantee they have other hidden fees. $125/hr for pickup and dropoff is because they don't want to do it.

For a 5 year old computer, you are very much skating the edge of cost/benefit.

I'm currently asking in a technicians chatroom where I know there are people in NYC. I'll answer back if I get an answer.
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Unless backup is explicitly offered, assume it does not include backup. Backing up is always the customer's responsibility, and backup as part of regular service is vanishingly rare in the PC repair market. Having backup copy of customer data is a liability.
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I don't know if they do pick up and delivery, but you might want to call D & Q Computer. They're on Avenue B between 12th and 13th Streets. I have brought computers to them for repair, and was happy with the service and cost.

Having said that, I agree that it might be a better idea to just buy a new Chromebook.
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D & Q is very reasonable and were helpful, to bad they can't do pick and delivery.

I am thinking about the cost of a new machine.. hadn't really thought about a Chromebook though. The owner does a fair amount of writing and is used to MS Office for word processing, not sure that the google options are going to work for her.

It would be great to get a personal recommendation from you network TomMelee.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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I apologize for not reporting back sooner---the one tech in there I know is from NY is from the Bronx and didn't have any recommendations from south of 14th. (I know nothing about NY or even if that last sentence made any sense.)

I'll ask on another technicians forum now. PM me an email address if you'd like.
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You've probably found someone by now, but I just saw this and had to put in a plug for Adept NY. My grandmother, who is in her 90s, lives by herself in Manhattan below 14th St. Arin from Adept helps her with her computer, and she adores him. He's been helping her for the past few years. He keeps her connected to the rest of the family, and I don't know what we'd do without him.
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