Car crash bad. Pay money good.
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What low-cost auto insurance provider in the US has the best claims service?

I define best as fair, followed by responsive. Currently, I'm an American Family customer and was happy with their claims process when two uninsured motorists hit me. I'd like to choose a cheaper provider that offers similar service and adjustment fairness, should the need arise. I am in Illinois and am happy to manage everything online and to do without the services of an in-person agent.
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USAA insurance is the best company of any kind I've dealt with, insurance or otherwise, but they're limited to military members (and family), so I don't know if that's an option. They're also cheap-- they even send you back dividend checks if they happen to make a profit.
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We've had good experiences with Mercury, which is always the cheapest in our area.
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Yes, if you can get USAA, it's been absolutely great for all our insurance (auto, renters, homeowners). Really inexpensive for the level of service and they have been remarkably helpful every time we've had to make a claim.
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According to USAA's website, I don't qualify. Sounds like a responsible company.
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Progressive Direct has been fine.
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I am now reformed but in the past I have made several claims through Progressive, including two totaled cars (sigh), being rear-ended by another driver, and a cracked windshield. They have always been very professional, responsive, and fast.
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I'll make some negative recommendations: avoid State Farm, Geico, and Allstate. Incredibly challenging and red-tapey with claims.

Positive recommendation: I currently insure through Liberty Mutual (with a discount for a union affiliation) and have filed small-scale claims on both the homeowner's and auto insurance policies. Absolutely zero hassle; both claims were adjusted and paid promptly, with no apparent increase in premiums.
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In contrast to Ardea alba above, I've been insured with Geico for a long while now, and they were super responsive and helpful when our minivan was totalled by a distracted driver. Their claims experience actually made me want to continue insuring with them.

Which is to say - your mileage may vary, no matter which way you go.
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