How can I play Netflix at double speed?
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Are there Chrome or Firefox add-ons that allow one to play Netflix content at double/triple speed? Seems unlikely since Netflix utilizes Silverlight and Googling hasn't turned up any useful options, but I figured it was worth checking. Alternately, are there add-ons that allow double/triple speed for streaming video sites other than Youtube?
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I can't answer your specific questions, but as a workaround for the latter, you could download the video using some browser plug-in (I use Video DownloadHelper for Firefox). You can then play it at your desired speed in VLC or some similar program. It's not ideal, but it should work in a pinch.
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Do you have a PS3 or 4? The default netflix client has 1.5x with sound and 2/4/6/8/16/32/128x without
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Probably not helpful, but Apple TV and Netflix will let you use the remote to keep fast-forward on. Maybe the Chromecast has a similar integration. You'd still need a remote though.
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All of a sudden, my previously-installed Chrome extension Video Speed Controller started working on Netflix!
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