Where can I buy sheets of glass that look like antique "crown glass"?
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I would like to purchase a window sized (45"x28") sheet of glass that looks like the glass in this stock photo. Who sells it?

It is not especially important to me that the glass be authentic crown glass produced by traditional glassblowing techniques, I just want the look of a grid of smallish evenly-sized rippled or lensed circles in a large sheet of glass suitable for glazing a sash window in a house (though it would be cool if the real stuff were somehow available at an unexorbitant price.)

I'm in Southern California and could visit a glass shop in LA if you know of a particular store or architectural salvage place that sells this kind of thing.
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I don't think what's in your picture is crown glass, but something more modern and mass produced. My grandfather's house had windows with a similar texture, but with green glass. The house was built in the 20s. I'm trying to search for something similar on Google and I'm not coming up with much.
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My Australian leadlight friend says this glass should be available from any leadlight glass supplier. Try looking for decorative glass suppliers in your area or contact a leadlighter and ask where they buy their sheets of decorative glass.
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These people have tons of reclaimed windows and can probably help you out. They're in NC, but they do ship.
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A previous AskMe with some additional search terms and history.
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Bendheim sells crown glass. "Unexorbitant" --- well, no, not really.
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