At first I thought it might be paint...
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I was in an office today where a window had been converted into a whiteboard by installing a translucent white film on the outside of the glass. Does anyone know what to ask for to get something like this? Bonus points if you can point to a supplier in Western Australia.
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No leads on the paint, but I found a neat reference on DIY whiteboard surfaces.
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I have seen these in Office Works in Sydney, I think, but can't track them down on the web site.
They were on KK's cool tools blog
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And here is an Australian local supplier that includes product codes you could use with your usual stationery guys.
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Sorry, I wasn't clear. The white film is on the outside of the window. You write on the existing glass.
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It sounds just like a normal opaque white window tint. Was it an internal window? Someone like Tint-a-car should be able to help.
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In the USA, Home Depot calls what you want Artscape Decorative Window Film. I have seen it in plain white in the store but not on the website. Sorry I can't help you with an Aussie supplier, but maybe the product name will get you started.
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You can just write on glass with whiteboard markers. Just stick something white on the other side (in my apartment, we frosted some of our windows with spray-frosting stuff on the outside and write on them on the inside with so they glow nicely and serve as whiteboards).

Also, they make a two-part whiteboard epoxy paint that will turn any surface into a whiteboard. It's kind of expensive ($20/qt), but it works well. They sell it at every large hardware store here in the states.
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Ask someone at the company you visited?
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I hope I'm not being flippant here (I don't mean to be), or daft (ditto), but what about just taping (or spray-mounting) some white paper to the glass?
Is the point that you still want to be able to see out the window, or allow light in? If so, then you could try a sheet of vellum.
Ah, now, maybe I get it. It's an _outside_ window. It'll rain. Gotcha. Sorry...
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