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Help me word a certification of appreciation that isn't generic?

I'm not a very good writer. Can you help me figure out some wording for three certifications of appreciation I'm putting together? I will be printing these out and placing in nice frames.

My NFP had an event sponsored by company X.

1. Keynote speaker - C-level exec of company X, want to thank him for his time and willingness to share his insight with our community
2 & 3. Our key contacts at company X who helped with logistics in coordinating the event - One is at a much higher level than the other so not sure if the wording should be the same on both?

The certificate is in the branding of the event. I really would rather not put "Certificate of Appreciation" on that horrible half circle skew if I don't have to, but if you say I should do it I will.

What I have so far (and hated)

ThisNFP would like to appreciate NAME for (not sure what to say here).

I guess I don't feel like "would like to appreciate" sounds right either.

Lost please help.
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All centered, of course:

appreciates and recognizes
Keynote Speaker
For Educating and Mentoring ThisNFP's Community
on Foo and Baz
(right justified) With Deepest Gratitude,
(right justified) xicana63

2 & 3.
appreciates and recognizes
Bob Contact
For Aiding and Assisting with Logistics and Organization
for ThisNFP's Big Event
(right justified) With Deepest Gratitude,
(right justified) xicana63

If you're not the head event person, have the head event person be the one signing the certificates. And for the love of god, no, skip Certificate of Appreciation in the half circle skew.
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Honestly, that amount of detail is kind of weird on a certificate. That's what thank-you notes are for.

Also, people who get framed certificates never know exactly what to do with them. (Speaking as the person who used to get handed them by various bosses saying, "put this somewhere, I guess.")

(I realize this may fall into didn't-answer-the-question, but I guess I'm suggesting you consider a different token of appreciation and a thank-you note rather than the certificate. A moot point if your boss is insisting on it.)
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Another vote for thank you notes rather than framed certificates if at all possible.
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