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Are there any good solutions for Safari and/or Chrome to manage bookmarks?

My bookmarks seem a bit too easy to manage and get unruly with time. If there's anything that can make my bookmarks order themselves into a predefined pattern or follow a certain ruleset on either one or both browsers that would be great.
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If you've got enough to warrant managing, I would strongly recommend getting them out of your browser and into a proper bookmark management site like pinboard.
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I consider my backup brain. One nice feature is that you can have a single entry in multiple places in the folder tree, and only have to edit it in one place. Another feature is the weekly email to you of your bookmarks file. This way if the company disappears (like Ma.gnolia when it crashed) most you would lose is a week's worth of bookmarks.
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Seconding Pinboard.
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I use Evernote with a browser extension.
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Pinboard is the way to go.
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It's unconventional, but the Zotero reference management tool can be a good solution for bookmarking both the location and the content of web pages - which matters if you want a solution that is somewhat future-proof in terms of link-rot and reliance on a third-party server. By default it stores a local snapshot of page content, but this can be disabled if you like.

It includes search and sort by content and metadata, hierarchical organization with cloned items, a flat tag system, and arbitrary relations between items. All content is stored locally with a facility for syncing between machines.

Zotero is built on Firefox, but there is a standalone version with plugins for Safari and Chrome.
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I guess it's sort of overkill, but I use Pocket for this. It is easy to use with a bookmarklet on my phone, even with tagging. (Bonus: offline reading on my phone.)
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