Aspartame free diet soft drink in Canada?
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Other than Diet Crush (orange), is there any other aspartame free diet soft drink available in Canada? (Nova Scotia to be more precise.)
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Do you guys have Diet Rite? It uses splenda (sucralose), which is not aspartame.
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I'm on the other side of Canada (BC) but I've found Zevia in most grocery stores.
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Zevia's there.
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michaelh: where would I find Zevia? (Sobey's or Atlantic SuperStore or ...?)
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Soda Stream makes flavored syrups which you can mix with club soda or seltzer to make soda. I believe all of their diet flavors are aspartame free.
It's not ready made soda, but it works really well, and it's cheap. You don't have to buy a Soda Stream machine to use it- just add a little flavor syrup to regular club soda.
They appear to be pretty widely available in Halifax- here's a store finder.
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I like in NB, Zevia is in both SuperStore and Sobey's where I live, as well as in Bulk Barn.
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Does it need to be sugar-substitute diet soda or just lower calorie diet soda? I'm a big fan of Dry Soda (which is very lightly sweetened with only cane sugar--so it's not sugar free but it's much lower calorie than soda pop) and their store finder shows a retailer in Nova Scotia.
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Stevia might be a helpful search term.
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Can you get Tab there? Wikipedia says Tab now has "a small amount of aspartame", which seems to be backed up by aspartame being last on the list of ingredients.
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Found some Zevia ... it's at least 3 times the price of main stream diet soft drink unfortunately. (I will taste the cola tomorrow.) No sign of Diet Rite nor Dry Soda (the store finder does not show any in Nova Scotia - it would be at least a 7 hour drive to get to the nearest store in the U.S.). I may have to look into Soda Stream. Until then, it's Diet Orange Crush for me...
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Contact Zevia and they'll give you coupons. They are also really cool about sponsoring events if you are a member of a club/organization.
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