Looking for a landscape stand for iPod/iPhone
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I'm looking for a stand or combo charger/stand that holds an iPod in landscape mode I can recommend to users of my app. The app operates in landscape mode and is designed to run on an iPod (or iPhone) sitting sideways on a nightstand.

Previously I was recommending this Kensington charger/stand that worked really well, but there isn't a lightning version. I've also had good success with this iCarpus stand but it has been discontinued.

The specific features I am looking for are:

- reasonable price (under $20 for stand, under $40 for stand/charger)
- Sits low on the table (eye level when in bed looking at nightstand).
- Solid, doesn't slide

The last requirement is because one interacts with the app by pressing buttons arrayed along the bottom of the screen (landscape). Several stands I tried are too light and/or smooth and slide at the slightest touch. Thanks!
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I don't know, but honestly it sounds like a revenue opportunity for you.
posted by Good Brain at 6:47 PM on August 19, 2014

Have you looked at Glif? Maybe a cross-branding/selling agreement with them? Or maybe you can purchase from them at wholesale and resell to your users?
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A small picture stand should do the job for a phone and a larger one for a tablet. They would allow the device to be connected to an existing cord. Weight would be an issue, so I would suggest a solid metal one as opposed to plastic or wire. Some stick on grippy feet could also work to inhibit sliding.
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This card holder works great on my nightstand or desk with my Android Phone in landscape mode. The card holder is very stable with the phone in it and not unattractive. The phone charger plugs in easily and a clock app turns it into clock.
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Best answer: I ended up going with this case that include a kickstand. Works great!
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