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I am a Hulu plus subscriber and tend to watch via my sony blu-ray player which I believe is an android based app. I also have a computer hooked up to my TV that I rarely use but I have noticed that quite a bit of good content on hulu is web only. The Hulu android app doesn't show web only shows unless you specifically search for them. Is there somewhere I can see a list of what is available on Hulu plus but is web only? I can't seem to find any.
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Maybe Canistreamit could be of help?
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Canistreamit presents the same problem as the Hulu android app interface and has really poor browsability overall. To use it I would have to know what I want ahead of time which is the same as using the search feature on Hulu-plus . It doesn't seem to have a way to filter to see a list of the Hulu-plus web-only content.

What I want is to be able to peruse/browse a list to see if there are things worth watching.
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Hulu Plus's own page on this topic (link) includes a link to this page, which appears to be the listing of the Hulu content that has no device restrictions - aka, is NOT Web-Only.
It's a long list, and it's the opposite of the what IS Web-Only list you're looking for, but that's what there is.

Also, depending on the Hulu app/client you're using, it will show all items from your Hulu Queue, but with a 'Web Only' badge on the restricted ones, indicating you can't watch using that device/app. IIRC, both the Xbox and Windows 8 Hulu apps do that; the Windows 8 app is a bit more helpful in that if you click on a Web-Only show in the app, it will tell you "I can't play this in the app, but would you like me to automatically open your web browser and start playing this episode?"
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