How to get Thunderbird to be a little more passive?
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In XP, is there any way to take Thunderbird and Sunbird out of the start bar and move them into the clock area like my Skype and Trillian?

I like to have Thunderbird running all the time, so I know when new mail comes in, and I like to have Sunbird running because I rely on the reminder pop-ups. Is there any way to take them out of the Start area and into a more "passive" area, like the clock?
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If by the "clock" you mean the system tray and by the "Start area" you mean the taskbar, here's how I do that with Thunderbird:

Minimize to Tray extension

unfortunately, I don't think it works for Sunbird.
posted by rxrfrx at 4:22 AM on November 5, 2005

i guess minimizing from that thing to that other thing works too, smart aleck. thanks.
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TrayIT will allow you to tray any application that you want. Just another approach, and a more general solution.
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Awesome! I'd been using Thundertray to do this for Thunderbird, and it hadn't occured to me to try to do this with Firefox. This is great for both. Thanks to both of you.
On preview, TrayIt looks good too.
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I use TaskSwitchXP, a fast, highly-customizable Alt+Tab replacement that has a minimize-to-tray feature.
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TrayIT works perfectly for sunbird. thanks.
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I've been using this little application since it came out. It is designed specifically for Sunbird (there is also a Thunderbird version on the site).
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Just be sure to check for spyware before running any little downloads off the 'net.
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