What is best setup for Thunnderbird+Lighting sync?
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I want to organize all my email+calendar+tasks On & Off line. What is best setup for Thunderbird+Lighting+Gmail+Google Calendar sync?

Before your suggestions, I am set on using Thunderbird & Gmail. *No Outlook*
This is what I've done so far.

1. Setup latest Mozilla Thunderbird to sync with my gmail accounts.
2. Added Zindus to sync my gmail contacts.
3. Added Provider plugin to sync my main gmail calendar.

I thought this should do what I would want... but some details are bugging me and couldn't find good answers for following questions.

1. How do I sync gmail contact's from google calendar with Lighting?
** During setup, it will not take my password like when I setup main gmail calendar. *I can setup holidays from Thunderbird's own holidays but wouldn't it double the events after sync with gmail calendar?

2. Is it possible to keep the synced events from online be saved to offline Thunderbird so if I close my gmail account in the future, I would still have event records on hand?

3. gmail calendar has contact's birthday event showing in gmail calendar... but I can not add gmail contact's birthday events in Lighting.
OR could I enable my gmail synced thunderbird contact list's birthday to be shown up in my Thunderbird calendar?

4. I am paranoid about loosing my old messages, event records, tasks.... as I frequently go back and check my old events and messages even years back. What is best offline backup scenario for all mail,event,calendar, tasks?

**Once, my laptop broke down and restoring my Outlook data from on & off line was a nightmare and never recovered fully. This time I want to make sure my data is fully backed up or saved all the time somewhere for easy restore.

Thank you ahead for any suggestions.
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Response by poster: One more question. Anyways to sync Gmail Calendar TASKS with Lighting & Android?
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