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Should I go with Optimum/Cablevision or Verizon FiOS internet in Brooklyn?

Over the years, I've had broadband service through both Optimum and FiOS and haven't really seen any big distinguishing issues between the two. They know they're in competition so customer service is a notch above shitty, but not necessarily that high a notch. But now I am out of contract with Optimum (still using their services though), moving to a new place and I have some leverage and I want to make the right choice.

I'm a heavy data user, but 95% of my data use is by way of an anonymizing overseas VPN. The rest is just watching Netflix on my PS3, which I can also rig to use the VPN if push comes to shove. I've never had data or connectivity or throttling issues with either service that didn't end up being a problem with the actual cable lines getting knocked around by the weather.

I follow the news and I know that Verizon has been throttling, although I haven't heard any reports of it happening around NYC. Optimum is the same old Optimum its always been.

One more complication: the unit we're buying is not wired for any sort of cable/data. Very old people religious people lived there for a very long time so there's nothing more than a phone line. I can't imagine it'll be too difficult to run cable into the apartment considering the building and most other units are wired, but if either Optimum or FiOS install techs particularly suck, that would make a difference to me.

Also does anyone know if FiOS install can be scheduled for a weekend? Optimum had someone come in on Sunday which was great.
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I'd always go with FiOS since fiber has so much more capacity over copper. You might not get it today, but a fiber line can support gigabit broadband someday.
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I've never had FIOS, but I just moved in to a place with Optimum and it's pretty great. I get 50/30 for $45 a month - and that's actual speed, not just advertised, with no throttling of any sort. It's not quite FIOS speed but it's not too far off, and it's way cheaper.
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We have Optimum out on Long Island, and while Cablevision is a pain to work with from a customer service perspective (aren't they all?), the broadband service is great. Netflix rates it consistently as having the top speeds nationwide (it has been in the top 2-3 of this list as long as I can remember).
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Something is wrong, or deliberately hobbled, in FIOS's delivery of Netflix at least through SmartTV applications. Switching between the Netflix stream and the Amazon Prime stream of the same exact program is night and day on a 55" screen. I haven't noticed the same factor when streaming to computer or tablet; query if FiOS is deliberately protecting the "television" experience for providers or CDNs who are playing ball.
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