Affordable tennis in NYC?
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I'm looking to play tennis casually and recreationally in the Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan area. But the costs and inconveniences are real deterrents. If I understand, I need to pay the annual membership, THEN a per-diem fee, and all of that AFTER finding a court that has availability. Is there a better way? (My friends in the suburbs drive to a local park, walk over to a free court and... play.)
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NYC Parks are probably as cheap as you'll get in the city, and you can reserve online.
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At the NYC Parks you can either buy a yearly pass (for $200-ish), or you can pay an hourly fee ($15/hour per player). You don't have to pay both. The hourly fee situation is annoying because you have to buy hourly tennis passes at places other than the tennis courts (Paragon in Union Square sells them at the checkout counter and the parks website should be able to tell you where else you can get them).
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There are also three courts (two doubles courts, one singles only) along the Hudson River Greenway that are free--no parks permit, no hourly fees--for an hour of play. But you may have to wait a while to get a court. (Also, don't go Tuesdays after work, because that's when I go.)

Other than that, seconding the parks permit. It's probably too late in the season to make buying the full permit worthwhile, so just head to paragon and buy a few daily passes. They're good through the end of the season; you don't need to use them the day you buy them.
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I was in Manhattan a few months back (holiday) , and I'm pretty sure I walked past some tennis courts that indicated they were free to use. This was on the west side of the island, was walking from the aircraft carrier down to the brooklyn bridge, following the coast. Sorry I can't be more specific!
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There are tennis courts at Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn (confusing, I know), right by the Kingsborough College entrance. You might have to wait to get a court, but it's right by the ocean and a nice park, so maybe you and your friends can take turns waiting and checking out the beach/breathing in the salt air.
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Thanks everyone. I wonder if there are any alternative options? Like, might a tennis club be cheaper and/or more convenient over time?
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