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What is the best resource on layouts in webpages, specifically with the use of CSS and other web technologies? This has always been something that's been tricky for me and I'm wondering if there's something out there that really sums it up well.
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Might I ask if you're:

(a) trying to boost your already-pretty-solid skills generally?
(b) trying to tweak an existing website, which may need specific skills (e.g. theming a CMS, such as Wordpress or Drupal, tends to be more involved than theming a static HTML page)?
(c) trying to to start leaning about front-end web development from a more-or-less beginner level?

If you want interactive, beginner lessons, try Dash and Codecademy.

If you need Javascript help, try Learn Javascript Properly, which is periodically run through by the Learn Javascript subreddit.

If you already know some Javascript, I can suggest books by Crockford and DesignPepper's A Drip of Javascript.

Generally, A List Apart is a great website for looking at approaches, but not necessarily techniques. Best practices and all that.

If you are looking for a great sort of general approach to design on the web, but like A List Apart less focused on actual technical approaches, I really like Hack Design's email newsletter.

If you want up-to-date news about best practices and possible new helpful frameworks etc. (although like a lot of web dev sites, tends towards too much gushing about new tools that can make your head spin), Smashing Mag is a great resource. There are subsections about the languages you mentioned in the tabs.
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Nice & direct: Learn CSS Layout

I learned layouts by going & finding example layouts, downloading them, & messing with them:
- Pure Layouts
- Free CSS
- CSS Play

Good luck!
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