How to carry scented oil through sticks into my home air?
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As a follow-up to this question, can anyone tell me what medium I need to procure to mix with essential oil to make my own reed/bamboo/tatami scent diffusers?

I have the essential oils and I have the sticks and vessels but cannot google-me the right "carrier-oil" or other fluid to make this an efficient process. Can anyone help?

The vodka thing was a red-herring; cooking oils the same. I don't think I need any liquor-cabinet or kitchen ingredients here.

I know I said I would never craft again too, but I really like the gentle way these diffusers work with scents I like. The store-bought ones leave me gagging.
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I see that you've already tried grapeseed oil. Maybe try safflower oil?
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Response by poster: I need to be able to buy these things in Brisbane and if you could tell me ratio for mixing I will give bonus points.
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I mix 3 parts mineral oil with 1 part filtered water and just a smidge of the smelly stuff (maybe 1/4 part?). It needs to be stirred pretty regularly, and the water will evaporate after a while, but it's been doing a great job diffusing through my bedroom without being overwhelming.
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I've never done this, but googling for "DIY reed diffuser" suggests light oils such as safflower or sweet almond oil, or dipropylene glycol.
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Dipropylene glycol is exactly what you want. It works well. I bought mine from Mountain Rose Herbs, I believe.
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Best answer: I can't see dipropylene glycol in either of their online catalogues, but two very good shops with knowledgeable staff for this sort of thing are Raindrops at Stone's Corner and Perfect Potion in town. Can't hurt to give them a ring and ask.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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Response by poster: Neither Raindrops or Perfect Potion could help, in fact they seemed a bit bemused by the question.

Trying to buy Dipropylene glycol is like trying to buy a precursor to methamphetamine production or something. I had some funny/suspicious reactions on the phone.

In my supermarket 'personal care' aisle I found Tea Tree oil in a water soluble solution (about AUD7 for 200ml) and Eucalyptus oil in a water soluble solution (about AUD12 for 100 ml) and with a bit of mixing and splashing and occasional drop of a different essential oil... I'm finally, finally, finally doing this! And it smells nice. And its not expensive. And there is no vodka or doomberry oil or AFP investigation necessary.
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