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So I'm making a cd for a friend, entitled "Music To Bake Bread To". I'm looking for suggestions for songs to include that have some sort of punny reference to breadbaking.

For instance, the whole idea got off the ground when he remarked to me that he was baking bread over the weekend, and his wife asked him if she could play this cd in the kitchen. It turned out to be Barry White, and being a pun fiend, he pointed out how appropriate that was to play while baking bread. I remarked that she could also play anything by Stevie Wonder.

So now I've decided to go ahead and make a cd of songs and artists that are tangentially bread-related. So I've got the above artists, plus Anita Baker, the Average White Band, The White Stripes, and of course, Bread.

As far as songs, I've got things like Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street", Burning Spear's "Rise Up", and the Kinks "I Don't Need You Anymore".

I would love any suggestions for additions to this wacky idea, ESPECIALLY anything involving "dough", "knead", "wheat", "yeast", "pan", or "oven". Famous or well-known songs would be better, but really good titles or artists are always great.

CAVEAT: the pun/reference has to be in the artist or title, so it shows up on the track listing. I'm not looking for anything that only shows up in the lyrics themselves.

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"Flower" - Liz Phair.
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"As Long as He Kneads Me" (Okay, I used creative spelling, but you can too!)
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Kenny Rogers - I Don't Need You
Herb Alpert - Rise
Hot Butter - Popcorn
Bobby Goldsboro - Honey
Quad City DJs - Space Jam
Beatles - A Taste Of Honey
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Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" includes the refrain "I need you to need me."
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Also anything by Jelly Roll Morton.
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Anita Baker? Riotous punnery! (I don't want to steal this thread's thunder, but,'s search by Name or Song (title) is worth a try.)
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Which is specifically excluded in your request. Do'ap!
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Baking -- Aztec Two Step.
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Well, anything by Wheat
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Bakerman - Laid Back
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The Decemberists - As I Rise
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tin pan alley --stevie ray vaughn
pan american --hank williams
yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread --bob dylan
get low --lil jon & the yeastside boyz

(...yeah, that's a stretch)
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Propagandhi's "Who Will Help Me Bake This Bread?" might be too obvious (plus it's a little heavy for breadbaking). But still.
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On the otherhand, Shelley Devall's "He Needs Me" is perfect breadbaking music.
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"Johnny Saucep'n" by Moxy Fruvous. "Pan" in the title, reference to flatbread within the song, and just good all-round cooking music.
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Shortnin' Bread - The Ready Men
Broken Breads - The New Pornographers
Another Day Full of Bread - Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Just What I Needed - The Cars
What My Heart Needs - Otis Redding
If You Need Me - Wilson Pickett
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Nobody has suggested the group Bread yet.

Perhaps they suck.
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Anything by Meat Loaf or Wheatus!
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I'm the One You Need -- The Jackson 5
Need You Tonight -- INXS
All I Need -- Air
Baker Baker -- Tori Amos
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Oh, and Bird Stealing Bread -- Iron & Wine
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Nobody has suggested the group Bread yet. Perhaps they suck.

Or perhaps they read the OP's entire question (in which Bread is already noted).
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Here are some totally dorky suggestions:

- Cornbread - Freestyle Fellowship
- Anything by Chet Baker - you already got Anita Baker, but I think Chet's much more palatable. ;)
- ROLL Over BeethOVEN - Chuck Berry (it's got Roll & Oven! hur hur hur)
- You Suck by the Yeastie Girls (potentially very offensive, proceed with caution!)
- Is cake going to far? You could have a song by Cake... or Birthday Cake by Cibo Matto
- Rolling With Heat - The Roots
- Heat Wave (by ...?)
- Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf
- Honey Bun - Charline Arthur
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big leg woman keep your dresses down
you got stuff make a bulldog hug a hound
if you roll your belly like you roll your dough
people is cryin', cryin' they want some mo'

Big Leg Woman
Muddy Waters - Folk Singer
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damn caveats...
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Bread and Butter by the Newbeats.
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The Beatles - All You Need is Love
Cowboy Junkies - Bread and Wine
Beth Orton - Don't Need a Reason
Dan Bern - I Need You (lovely one, this)
Michelle Shocked - Strawberry Jam (Saturday morning found me itching // To get on over to my grandma's kitchen)
The Girl From Ipanema (ouch)
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And anything by Mike Doughty. I like "Looks" and "No Peace Los Angeles"
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The Small Faces had a song about exactly this: "Song of a Baker,""Song of a Baker," which originally appeared on Ogden's Nut Gone Flake. (Ocean Colour Scene did a cover version.)

There's wheat in the field
And water in the stream
And salt in the mine
And an aching in me

I can no longer stand and wonder
'cos i'm driven by this hunger
So I'll jug some water
Bake some flour
Store some salt and wait the hour

While I'm thinking of love
Love is thinking for me
And the baker will come
And the baker I'll be

I am depending on my labor
The texture and the flavor...

Besides that, here's also "Rise" by Public Image, Ltd.
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upon seeing that formatting mistake above, would it be too cheesy of me to exclaim "D'OH!"?
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Rise by Azure Ray
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Rise Up - Indigo Girls
Roll My Blues - Jolie Holland
Roll On - The Living End
Don't Touch My Tomatoes - Josephine Baker
Oven - Seven Mary Three
Mama's Cooking - Marcia Ball
That's What My Heart Needs - Otis Redding
Five Feet High and Rising - Johnny Cash
Temperature Rising - Les Nubians
Something Burning - Deb Talan

And of course:
Burn Down the Trailer Park - Paul Thorn
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Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
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I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl--Nina Simone
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Damn Firefox didn't find the mention of "Bread" in the original question for some reason. D'oh.
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Edguy, Until We Rise Again.
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White Riot--The Clash
Cream and Bastards Rise--Harvey Danger
Roll With My Baby--Ray Charles
I Wonder Who--Ray Charles
Bad Moon Rising--Creedence Clearwater Revival
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New Pornographers - Broken Breads
The Beta Band - Dr. Baker
A Silver Mt. Zion - Stumble Then Rise on Some Awkward Morning
The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
Mike Doughty - Down on the River by the Sugar Plant
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Hung Over As The Oven In Maida Vale
Ween - Pork Roll Egg And Cheese
Soul Coughing - Rolling
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One more...

Bela Fleck & the Flecktones - Sex In A Pan
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Keiji Haino and Ruins have recorded two albums together under the name Knead - the first was self-titled, i.e. Knead by Knead, the second was called This Melting Happiness, I Want You To Realise That It Is Another Trap. They're both incredible records, incidentally.

Also, anything by the Archers Of Loaf.
Johnny Cash - Breaking Bread
Blind Blake - No Dough Blues
Beanie Sigel - Get That Dough
Fairport Convention - Cup Of Tea! A Loaf Of Bread
Armand Van Helden - Yeast Interlude
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Anything by the Light Crust Doughboys.
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I see you're in the US, so you might not appreciate these, but brand names are also fun. Anything by:

Dan Warburton
Guy Hovis
Ted Hovis
Allinson & Brown
Hugh Kingsmill
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Cardigans - Rise and Shine
Ike & Tina Turner - I'll Never Need More Than This
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Lifted directly from my comment in the "sex songs disguised as food songs" thread:
"He's Just My Size" by Lillie Mae Kirkman (lots of talk about baking cakes and having biscuits rise--this one's a riot; let me know if you can't find it)
"My Stove's in Good Condition" by Lil Johnson
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Parachute Club: Rise Up
Anything by Cake
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"Pans of Biscuits" by Hedy West
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"Jelly Roll Baker" by Lonnie Johnson:

I was sentenced for murder, in the first degree
The judge's wife called up and said: Let that man go free
He's a jelly roll baker, he's got the best jelly roll in town
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Superchunk-The Breadman off of No Pocky For Kitty
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Pantera - Rise

It's time to RISE! RISE!

eh, i thought it was a pretty sweet bread making song, although not quite along the lines of barry white and stevie wonder.
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How about "I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuit" (the Mazzy Star version)?
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Also, anything by Ry Cooder.
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Hey, I can heartily recommend the song "Bread" by a band called On! Air! Library!

Not very punny, but a great song. Email me if you want the mp3 of it.
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There's always "Baking Bread" by Neptune's Car (a contemporary of Pere Ubu in the Cleveland '70s avant-rock scene)... it can be found on the Datapanik in the Year Zero box set. The lyrics do, in some weird fashion, concern the baking of bread.
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Why don't you try typing some of those words into the iTunes Music Store search? You don't need (knead!) to buy them there, but it's a good way of getting artist and song results quickly. Alternatively, you could try

Good luck!
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A song that is actually about baking break. This is essential:

The Aquabats - The Baker
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