What is this blue berried plant?
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Out of nowhere this plant grew from my lavender and is producing berries. Blue berries would be too good to be true. Although there is no way I would sample them, I would like to know if they are dangerous to the three dog terrors of the house! Oddly enough googling "blue berried plant" results in many blueberry plants. Photobucket (fail) stream Many thanks to Teh Metas!
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Looks like pokeweed. See also.
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That appears to me to be a pokeweed. My husband hates them with the firey passion of a thousand suns as they selfseed all over the place and the berries stain my dogs purple. It is toxic be careful digging up the roots but I believe some people eat the young leaves and used to make medicines from the berries.
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That's pokeberry, aka poke salad/sallet. I have personally met people who eat both the berries and the (very young, boiled in a change of water) greens, but it is officially poisonous. Don't eat it or let your dogs eat it.
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Looks like pokeweed.
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Yup, pokeweed. Definitely do not eat the berries.
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Definitely not blueberries.
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Thank you all! We will declare war on Teh Pokeweek!
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Yeah, good music, bad food. Get rid of it.
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