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I need all the resources I can find for starting a new business.

I am looking to start my own business/startup. This is more of a tech/media deal which will have both product and service as part of the package. As such I started looking online for resources around funding/training/contracts, especially government contracts/govt bidding/ etc that are available for a new business owner/to be (especially for women/minorities). So I am reaching out to mefi to find all the resources you can suggest that would help a new businesswoman to be to start out on her own. This includes-

Govt Initiatives (these could be training resources but also breaks or things like tax allowances et.c that encourage individuals to start on their own)
Private Initiatives (small business initiatives like the Wells Fargo that invites women startups)
Govt bidding sites
Anything else you can think of

The goal is to collect all possible resources in this one question that would help a new business owner to be. My hope is that this would help others here to also access resources that might help them, if they are so inclined. I know of and one or two more. I have an MBA and experience so things like Business plan/marketing plans concern me a bit less than legal/other issues/needs. Having been part of the startup scene, less interested in references to startup "experts" advice but more interested in the regular business resources that would help a new owner deal with paperwork/structure.
Thank you
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Where are you located? There's a good chance much of this info has already been compiled already by an organization local to you.
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If you live in the U.S., set up an appointment at your local SCORE office. A retired business executive or entrepreneur will meet with you for free and help you find all the resources you need as well as advise you on issues specific to your particular business idea. It's a tremendous resource that you should take advantage of.
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