Unexpectedly free for a night in London — suggestions for what to do?
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I'm in London on business, I had plans tonight, they fell through. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, not too early, so I can stay out a bit. What should I do with myself?

Relevant information:
— I've been to London a couple of times before as a tourist, though it's been a few years. Assume that I've seen most of the major tourist attractions (major museums, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, etc.)
— I'm staying in central London, but I have an Oyster card with an unlimited zone 1-2 pass.
— I have a little money I can burn, though not a huge amount.
— I'm not much of a club/party scene person, though I do enjoy a good drink.
— I have a phone with GPS and data, so it'd be hard for me to get lost.
— I like walking around, so a suggestion of a neighborhood to walk around would be great.

It's about 8pm London time right now, and I'm about to head out to run a quick ~30 minute errand, after which I'm free for the night. I'll be checking this thread periodically for the next few hours.

Thank you!
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I'd go to the Audley Pub in Mayfair. They'll be open until about 10:30. Which is as much as you can expect all things considered.
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1. Walk along the southbank from london bridge station to waterloo - Great views and a few pubs you can go to if you like (or not). Most parks close at 9 so I would say that is the best walk you can do.

Sadly on sunday most things close at midnight so I dont have any better suggestions
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I liked walking the south bank of the Thames at night -- a great way to dip in and out of the energy of the city.
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One of my favourite places for a random off hours activity is to take myself off for a brick lane bagel, though its less about the food than an excuse to wander round the neighborhood, soak up the atmosphere and the architecture and meet the sheer variety of residents and passers by.
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I like the Blues Kitchen Camden for sundays. It claims "London's Largest Blues Jam" on sunday so they say...It's not all that massive as the name implies, but it is a good vibe and the food is great and they have a ton of whiskey choices if that's your thing. You would find it by getting the tube to Camden and walking south on Camden High Street and it's on the left, on a corner. You won't miss it.
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Best answer: Were you at Wikimania? I only ask because

1. I am also in London because of Wikimania with a free evening though I am mostly spending it packing and recuperating (email me if you are at the Thistle however and we should go for a local drink but I am running on fumes at the moment)
2. There are a huge number of random Wikimania people in and around the Barbican Centre including people who are in the general loose interest area that your profile page indicates that you are in. For all I know, there is still a party going on there. It's sort of a neat and weird place to walk around at night if you like brutalist architecture. There was another MeFi meetup at the London Wall Bar and Grill which is another good place to get food and a pint.

I walked down and around the London Bridge Station earlier today and it was really nice, a lot of things to look at on the Thames, a lot of people out and about and a number of places to eat/drink that looked good. There was also a MeFi meetup last night at the Eagle Pub which struck me as a very good place to go get a drink. Here are some London Walks that might be good and here is TimeOut's list of obligatory things to do, some of which you could do this evening.
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