Display issues on my laptop
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My new laptop works perfectly except for the screen. At boot, the contrast is almost grey. On certain colors/wavelengths(?), there seem to be tiny pixels gyrating, almost like snow on old-fashioned TVs, but much smaller. It's nonetheless distracting. What settings do I change?

It's a HP Pavilion 17-e0113dx running Windows 8.1 Update 1, with an AMD A8-4500M APU, and an AMD Radeon 7640G video card. I'm not sure what other system info would be relevant, but please let me know if there are other specs I need to fill in!

At boot, the contrast on my desktop is grey looking, until I right-click and choose AMD Catalyst Control Center, and once that pops up, suddenly, the display looks properly contrasted on its own. I don't want to have to keep doing that every time I boot! Then, with greys, whites and certain shades of lighter colors, I'm getting this weird "snow" effect onscreen. Darker colors are showing up fine.

I'm not sure if there are settings I need to recalibrate from the Control Center, or what, and I wouldn't know which settings to change.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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This sounds like a driver issue if opening the driver control panel fixes it. Maybe check out AMDs site and download the very latest drivers? They often post then way before they end up on windows update.
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