Dress me up! Casual-ish Wyoming Wedding Attire...
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Husband and I are attending a wedding near Centennial, WY the weekend of September 6 - he will look awesome, I would like to do the same!

Wedding is on a dude ranch, late afternoon/early evening, and couples will be wearing everything from suits and dresses to "Texas tuxedos" (worn ironically, bride and groom are aware and supportive of weirdness). My husband is going to look TERRIFIC - he bought these boots in black, and will wear really nice dark rinse denim, a white button up shirt (open at the neck) and a sport coat in a gray textured fabric. I would like to look similarly awesome, but am wrestling with what to wear.

I have these Frye boots in black vintage leather, and a boot almost exactly like this one, but much less "distressed leather" and closer to this color. I would be willing to do dark rinse skinny jeans, black denim or even fun colored denim (which I love), but that is exactly where I stall. I have TONS of accessories, and would even go shop for a better pair of boots. Can you help? Tops? Bottoms? Dresses? It will likely be very cool in the evenings the weekend we are there. Thanks!
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I would wear the black boots (or a pair of dressier black boots) with a dress and thick tights. I would not wear denim, especially colored denim as that reads VERY casual.
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Yeah, go for a dress or skirt in a natural fabric. A man in dark denim with a jacket can look dressy, but, unless you are butch, a woman in denim is going to look super casual.

A sense of your typical style would be helpful. How old are you? What do you usually wear for dressing up?

I was going to suggest looking at Sundance for inspiration, but they seem more conventional, less chic country than I recall. But what do you think about a fall version of this look?
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The Sundance skirts look is more what I had in mind. Does that appeal at all?
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I think a tiered skirt could be fun. With a button up shirt and fun jewelry.

Another fun option would be denim, lace and pearls. Lace stuff is super popular now so you should have no problem finding a ton of options. 3 Quater sleeve option Deep V Neck Option
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I love the lace dresses that MadMadam pointed out, and I think they'd look great with boots and a denim jacket.

I was also reminded of these dresses from SohoMode on Etsy. They might be a bit light for September, but perhaps with a darker color fabric and the aforementioned jacket and boots and it could work?

I don't know how you feel about facinators, but it could up the kitschy factor: cowboy hat fascinator, fascinator with bow in cowgirl pattern fabric, or a burlap sash that could be worn as a headband.
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Thanks for the replies! I'm an early-forties lady-lady - dressing up for me tends to be a lot of dark solids with bang-up jewelry (since I make jewelry) or a knockout shawl/scarf/wrap. I truly don't mind approaching this on the slightly casual side of spiffy, and overall I just want to look like I "go with" what my husband is wearing. I don't want to cowgirl it up. Does that help?
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I think an unfussy but pretty mid-length floral sundress + the first pair of Frye boots could look really lovely. Pair it with a big 'ole necklace or a cuff and a red lip and you'll look amazing.
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I say wear your regular dark solids - the skirt or dress version - with a great scarf or jewelry, and a pair of the boots you already have.
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I agree with the responders above: I'd go with a pretty sundress, and pair it with cowboy boots, lipstick, earrings (maybe pearls), and perhaps a denim jacket or waist-knotted chambray shirt for the evening. Personally, I'd go with a slightly boho sundress (ideally something lacey; alternatively something with eyelet or ruffles/tiers, etc. - think 70s prairie revival stuff) rather than something more structured/formal (40s, 50s, early 60s): I think that will fit better with the ranch atmosphere and cowboy boots. I think that cowboy boots, denim, lace, and pearls would be perfect. I personally agree with the above commenters who think that denim will probably look more casual on you than on your husband (dark rinse denim with a smart blazer on men can look dressy, but it's harder for women to pull off dressy with denim). I also think that this outfit would "fit" with your husband's quite well. But of course, you know better than we do the bride and groom, the location, and the general vibe, so jeans might be fine!
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Since it will be cold I'd wear a solid-colored turtleneck long-sleeve sweater dress, those boots, and some awesome silver/SW-style jewelry. You might want tights depending on HOW cold. (I've been to Montana in September and froze my ass off but I live in Houston where "winter" is anything below 70 degrees.)
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