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I need a video app for my ipad that goes beyond what the built-in Video app offers. I need robust video tagging/metadata, smooth import/export from the computer, and slow-mo playback.

I use my iPad to carry lots of clips demonstrating specific sports techniques, and I use Ubersense to analyze those techniques. Unfortunately, the techniques and metadata I need to track are not suited to Ubersense's tagging system, and so I'm looking for a more robust video playback app.

* Easy to import video clips from my computer and export them back to the computer. It would be great if this app could also import videos recorded from the iPad's camera.
* Flexible tagging system and ability to search for tags. I need to be able to search multiple tags simultaneously, but doing a text search of the title and throwing all the tags into the text would work in a pinch
* Ability to play back the video in slow motion. I need to be able to go down to quarter speed. Right now I'm using Ubersense, but the video collection has outgrown Ubersense's sorting abilities.
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I don't think it will do your tagging, but Coach's Eye will do slow motion and easily export clips. Here's the link to the app store.
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