please identify the designer/maker of the sofa
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Can anyone identify the designer or maker of the brown leather sofa in the upper left photo in this image ? Please not wild guesses - only answer if you know for certain. Thanks!
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It's the 13th image here, so probably their design. I suggest contacting them.
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FWIW, that sofa Ruthless Bunny linked to looks completely different from the OP's photo - the legs, the armrests, the cushions, the whole shebang. I suppose if all the photos were taken around the same time, one could at least estimate the latest date that sofa could possibly have been manufactured by, judging by the iMac.
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That is not even remotely close to the OP's photo.
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Best answer: I'm not 100% sure based on the angle of the armrests, but looks a lot like this Paul Leidersdoff series from the 70s.
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Definitely Danish-inspired with those legs. Like a Danish modern and Mies van der Rohe Barcelona sofa had a baby. The closest things I can find (and granted, they're not that close) are: one, two, three.

I'm guessing custom, or at least customized. Perhaps new upholstery on an existing frame.
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Best answer: Thanks bluedeans, I think you got it!
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