To whom do I address my letter of complaint?
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I purchased a small electronic device that recently failed out of warranty. I am unhappy with the short life of the product and feel I should have been offered an upgrade path, opportunity to purchase at reduced price a refurb unit or etc. (The support person I chatted with was polite but offered nothing.)

I've composed a letter to the company explaining that they are exchanging an enthusiastic advocate of their technology for one who will strenuously dissuade anyone (I) know from purchasing their product. Their web page lists a CEO and CFO and VPs for Engineering, Business Development, Sales & Marketing. To whom do I address my letter? Or just to Livescribe Inc. ("oops")? Any advice appreciated.
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Address everyone in upper management. Consumerist calls it the Executive Email Carpet Bomb. If you send it to everyone, it's harder for them to ignore.
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Here is Consumerist's article on how to launch an Executive Email Carpet Bomb.
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What about calling support again (and presumably speaking to a different person) and explaining nicely to them that you were about to write a letter to the CEO et al but was hoping that maybe there was something could do to help you out regarding your issue? Sometimes a sympathetic ear can be your evangelist and they may even be able to recommend specifically who to send the letter to.
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I recently had a problem like this. I purchased an Onkyo receiver and it died 3 months outside of its 2 year warranty. I knew I was technically out of luck - I mean, look, they have a warranty, and I was outside of it - but I was still pissed - particularly because a quick Google search seemed to indicate that this was a common problem with this particular make and model.

Anyway, long story short- TWITTER. I tweeted at the Onkyo Twitter account and complained a little bit and they seriously flew into action in no time to fix me up. They repaired my receiver out of warranty at no cost and I was a happy customer.
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I agree with the twitter recommendation. I got amazing customer support from COMCAST, of all companies, through a twitter gripe.
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You could contact one of the VCs who led the latest round of funding and sit on the board. Like this guy or this guy.
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Definitely Twitter. Even if you have to create an account just to do it. Their twitter account looks fairly active and responsive.
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Response by poster: Ok, Twitter. But as a Twitter newbie, what does my complaint sound like in 140 characters or less?
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@livescribe I would expect a $150 pen could hold up to more than X years of use. Shouldn't an upgrade be in the cards for a faithful user?
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I agree absolutely with craven_morhead. Use the word faithful or loyal when talking about yourself as a customer. Be sure to follow the account that you're messaging so they can follow you back and send you a DM (direct message) - that's the sure sign you're getting some traction.
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Response by poster: How's this:

Pen died after 33 months, no repair or upgrade path? Livescribe shouldn’t just abandon loyal customers. Word of mouth counts!

Sorry for thread sitting.
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Sounds good, though make sure you direct the tweet @livescribe.
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