How do I find an insurance broker? Portland edition.
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How do I find an insurance broker? Portland edition.

I have a slightly complex insurance situation: two cars, two scooters (one of them very old), one rental property, and our primary residence is a 40-year-old doublewide. It's seemingly impossible to get an aples-to-apples quote from insurance websites; all of the ones I've checked so far don't allow me to input all of these variables. Rather than spend an entire day on the phone, I'd like to find an insurance broker who can just find me the best deal. But how?

I'm in Scappoose, OR, so anywhere in the Portland metro area is fine.
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Just to clarify, I know how to find insurance brokers, but I want to know how to find highly-recommended insurance brokers, from people who have actually used them.
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Yelp, maybe?
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Whoah, I had no idea you could use Yelp for things besides restaurants. Look at that. I think I've found a broker. Thanks!
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also, if you've got AAA coverage (and I think even if you don't) you can use their services as an insurance broker. I do and it's worked out lovely, although our experience is less baroque than yours.
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I have a fabulous fellow who works with multiple insurance companies to get the best coverage/cost deal for clients. I cannot say enough good about Jason Lang of Slater & Associates. He insures my personal stuff, vehicles, business, etc.

You could do worse but I'd be shocked if you'd do better.
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