I Need A Snack with Dill, Rosemary or Sage.
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What can I eat today that contains dill, rosemary or sage? I am not looking for a recipe. I am looking for something I can go buy, today, and pop in my mouth. I have ready access to a Von's with a deli and a bakery. I have ready access to a Panda Express and a Dominoes. I have less ready access to multiple other stores.

So what kinds of foods contain one of those herbs? I am guessing I can probably get some kind of bread or other baked good but I don't know what to look for other than just start reading labels. I would rather have some idea of what category of food to be scoping out.


(Yes, I searched. I found one previous Ask listing these herbs. It was a request for recipes. I am not looking for recipes.)
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Cucumber salad usually contains dill.
Homemade stuffing (like, turkey stuffing) usually contains sage.
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Dill is often in deli-counter tuna (/chicken/egg) salad, but you'd have to ask. There are a lot of breads and rolls with rosemary in them, they'd probably be labeled as rosemary bread or something like it. Focaccia is a reasonably good bet. Sage is used in Thanksgiving-flavored foods, so maybe a pre-made turkey dinner or pre-made stuffing.
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You could get havarti with dill in slices from a grocery store deli (I know the Boars Head brand makes a good one) to eat on rosemary crackers.
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Dill Pickle Potato Chips
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Triscuit Rosemary Crackers
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Rosemary Triscuits are food of the gods
Rosey Goat cheese (cheese with rosemary)
Dill / Sea Salt / Olive Oil Triscuits

... and now I want Triscuits.
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You could put some gravad lax on those triscuits...
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Cypress Grove has a chevre with dill in it, I believe. That might be good paired with rosemary Triscuits.
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Any credible deli will have pickles, often with dill.
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GOod Health brand makes rosemary olive oil potato chips that I hesitate somewhat to recommend because you will not be able to stop eating them once you start, not even if you live 1,000 years.
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Rosemary is a popular flavor for roasted cashews.
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Rosemary crostini.
Any of many dill flavored snacks. Sunflower seeds and potato chips come to mind.
Make pita chips in the oven with olive oil and herbs.
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Your best bet may be to go to an upscale-ish grocery store that has an extensive prepared-foods section (something like Whole Foods) that you can browse. Herbs like dill, rosemary, and sage are going to be listed right in the name of the dish.

Sage is going to be the least likely contender, since it's associated heavily with autumn and Thanksgiving recipes, but it is often paired with fresh ricotta in summery Italian pasta dishes.
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If you have access to Trader Joe's, their Popcorn with Herbs & Spices is seasoned with dill and is absolutely delicious.

Also seconding those Rosemary Triscuits. Yum!
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Rosemary Triscuits FTW!

I paired it with plain cream cheese.

Please don't let that stop you from answering if you haven't already. I expect to be exploring more of these foods in coming weeks. And if you didn't get Best Answered, you probably suggested something I cannot eat because of a long list of dietary restrictions. I still love you and appreciate your reply.
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Those Dill Triscuits are the bomb.
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These rosemary crisps from 34 degrees are *amazing*. Pair with the aforementioned chevre with dill, and you'll be in heaven.
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My local grocery has lemon-dill hummus in tubs, and in addition to havarti there are sometimes goat cheese logs coated with various herbs which may include dill.

The rosemary triscuits are great. It's not mass-produced, but a few local places have rosemary foccacia; if your grocery has a bakery aisle it might be a place to check.

I'm not sure if heating premade food is on the table, but if it is, These sage-apple veggie sausages are pretty nice. It's the only sage-containing item I can think of offhand.
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Nicer delis will have rosemary ham or rosemary prosciutto by the slice or in sandwiches. So delish!
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Rosemary Cake recipes

Yeah, I am not looking for recipes. I was just wondering if there are any sweet things that contain rosemary. And there are!
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I can't tell you exactly where you could find it where you are, but keep your eyes peeled for rosemary lemonade; it's something I've bought before and it's quite good, but it's not very commonly sold. It's sweet and tart and nice and subtle.
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For delicous rosemary sweets, keeps your eyes peeled for it in an olive-oil cake, which is amazing with rosemary added, and also rosemary shortbread cookies. So good, especially if you can find lemon and rosemary cookies, or possibly lemon and rosemary ricotta cookies.
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I am quite fond of Bruegger's Bagels' Rosemary Olive Oil bagels - looks like Bruegger's has a few locations potentially in your neck of the woods, and I'm pretty sure other bagel places have them too. So tasty.

(and dammit, now I want Rosemary Triscuits too.)
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You know what's amazing? Tzatziki! Garlic, Dill, cucumbers. So good! Nice with veggies, or pita or as a sauce on anything you like. I believe a really good tzatziki can make a cow-flop tasty.
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Mmmm, Rosemary Olive Oil potato chips. Use retail locations button in left column to see if you are proximal to any of the numerous points of sale.
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Dill havarti cheese on rosemary and olive oil triscuts. Done!
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I love La Brea Bakery's Rosemary Olive Oil bread, toasted.
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Trader Joe's Raisin Rosemary Crisps are both savory & sweet.
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Today's adventure in rosemary:

Kalamata Bread (bread with kalamata olives and rosemary) with good quality butter.

I have not yet found rosemary potato chips. I have checked two grocery stores. I am a potato fiend so I am seriously exasperated about this.
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