Bad trips
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Recommend me the darker songs of the 1960's and 70's - paranoia, political repression, nuclear war, etc. For example, Love's The Red Telephone
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Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth"
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Well, Lou Reed's Berlin is pretty intense...
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Barry McGuire, Eve of Destruction.
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It doesn't get much darker or more apocalyptic than Pere Ubu's Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1975).
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The Grateful Dead-associated Morning Dew
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1969: "In The Year 2525."
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The monks
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Barry McGuire, Eve of Destruction
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The O'Jays, "When the World's at Peace".
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It's kind of self-pitying, in an English Psychedelic kind of a way, but Cheadle Heath Delusions brings it.

There's a whole bunch of bad trip songs on the Nuggets albums.
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Isn't that pretty much the gist of Pink Floyd's "The Wall"? And every song in it?
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Pretty much all of Bowie's Diamond Dogs is just brimming with apocalyptic paranoia and decadence -- e.g. Future Legend, Sweet Thing/Candidate, Big Brother. It's an album I really like, but can't ever listen to much, because it tends to put me in a dark place mentally.

Some other dark/apocalyptic Bowie tracks from the '70s: All the Madmen, Five Years, Panic in Detroit, Warszawa, and Sense of Doubt (the latter two both instrumental).
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DOA's Bloodrock came out in 1970 and rose to #21.

Trigger warning: moment by moment description of dying in a plane crash. It's campy to me, but many people find it hideous.
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My grade school children's choir was given One Tin Soldier to sing, if you can believe it.
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Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen is pretty apocalyptic, as is the video.
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The Sun is Burning, from Simon & Garfunkel's 1964 album "Wednesday Morning, 3 AM."
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Another entire album of the period that's extremely dark (though it's a chronicle of personal breakdown rather than social breakdown) is Big Star's Third -- e.g., Holocaust, one of the most haunting songs I've ever heard.
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Terry Jacks -- "Seasons in the Sun" (1974)

of dying in a plane crash

I was also coming in here to recommend D.O.A but must clarify, we always interpreted the lyrics' 'flying' to mean driving while intoxicated which made it a car crash song.
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Mr Blue, Clear Light
Inside Looking Out, Grand Funk Railroad

I believe the band was Bloodrock, and the song was DOA.
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Animals is a better choice than The Wall imo.
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Also, early Black Sabbath like Black Sabbath, Paranoid, and Master of Reality.
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All of Tonight's the Night by Neil Young.
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Marvin Gaye's What's Going On (1971) takes a bleak look at urban life, environmental degradation, drug addiction, the Vietnam War and so on.
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Black Day in July by Gordon Lightfoot

Just to expand on scody's post, most of David Bowie's Berlin Trilogy is pretty despairing.
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Bob Dylan - Masters of War
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The Fugs - subversive "freak-folk"-y stuff

Last Poets - black power proto-rappy stuff
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Cant go wrong with Paint it Black.
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Some of these are more overtly political than others:

Black Sabbath - War Pigs
King Crimson - One More Red Nightmare
Genesis - Watcher of the Skies
Gentle Giant - Peel the Paint
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - House Burning Down
Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home A Heartache

As far as I know, the lyrics aren't explicitly about anything dark, but I've always found Brian Eno's "Julie With..." to be super sinister.
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Speaking of Terry Jacks, The Poppy Family gave us a nice little ditty called Where Evil Grows in 1971.
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also Dylan, Desolation Row
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Alice Cooper in general
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Frank Zappa / Mothers of Invention - We're Only In It For The Money (1968)
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Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter. Merry Clayton's vocals give me chills every time. (See also: Gimme Shelter tracks deconstructed, previously on the Blue.)

It's just a shot away. It's just a shot away.
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Hawkwind - Hassan I Sabha; Damnation Alley (the latter a bit too upbeat maybe).
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