Locked out of hotmail; computer can't read e-mail due to security issues
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There are two parts to this: I am locked out of hotmail; my computer can't read the support e-mail security instructions due to computer security.

Help me, Metafites, you're my only help! I'll try not to go on too much.

Through a series of missteps and incredible stupidity I am locked out of my Hotmail account. I am not talking about "Forgot Your Password?" locked out, but one to 30 days locked out according to the last message I got from my account.

I sent a request to Microsoft Support and got acknowledgement mail. When I click the link in the mail I get this (quick flash about how Microsoft cannot view in frames) and then this:

To continue submitting your support request, "Support Site" should be listed as a trusted site in Internet Explorer.

To add "Support Site" to the trusted sites zone, follow these steps:
1.On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options.
2.Click the Security tab.
3.Click the Trusted Sites icon, and then click Sites.
4.Click to clear the Require server verification check box.
5.Check whether http://support.microsoft.com is listed in your trusted sites. If it is listed, type http://oas.support.microsoft.com, and then click Add.
6.Check whether https://support.microsoft.com is listed in your trusted sites. If it is listed, type https://oas.support.microsoft.com, and then click Add.
7.Close all dialog boxes, and then refresh the browser window.

Except I did everything they say above and I still can't open the link. I also restarted the computer, cause that's usually good. Running Windows 8 (I know; it was a good price), 4 GB, 64 bit, Explorer 10.

It's almost as if I need a help ticket for my help ticket. It would be a Good Thing for me to recover this account.

So: how do I make Microsoft a trusted site in order to get my Hotmail account back? Go ahead and talk to me like I'm five. Many thanks.
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Have you tried using other browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, or Opera? I don't know much about the "trusted sites" thing IE does, but that would be my first try.
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Are you seeing this message after clicking on the link in the email? I would also highly recommend trying with a different browser if at all possible, if so.

If you can't get the link to work, then I'd recommend going through the "Can't access your account" link on the sign in page one more time, and failing that, try going through Microsoft Account support.
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This happened to me two years with my hotmail account that's nearly 20 years old!

CALL them. It took about a half an hour, but they straightened everything out. Just call.
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Response by poster: Due to the magic of firefox, I can now see it. Thanks brainmouse. And, yes, the e-mail in question was from Microsoft Account Support, Aleyn.

I had never thought they would even be reachable by phone. Off to look THAT number up.

Thanks all.
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Response by poster: I spoke to a very nice woman who walked me through the steps. So I've unlocked my account. Thanks all!
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