Maybe I am a headband person?
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While straightening my apartment last week I came across a cute headband. I've had it since I was five (haven't worn headbands since I was, oh, probably about six) but have held onto it because I like it. Anyway, for the last few days I've been thinking: perhaps I would like to wear headbands? I don't know, can you help me find cool head bands? Let's find out.

The old headband has worry dolls on it, and looks sort of like this only a bright blue color.

Things I like about it:
-contains things of visual interest
-brightly colored
-low profile
-wide (HATE skinny headbands)
-not fancy

I'd like to get a few, let's say 3 or 4 or so, headbands of this ilk that I can wear to entertain myself, but I'm having trouble searching for such a thing. Complicating factor: I have a large head, so something distinctly child-sized is just not gonna cut it.

Headband subjects that would particularly amuse me:
-food (esp. breakfast foods)

I've been searching and haven't found things that work. Love it but too skinny. Boring. Gross.

Isn't there anyone out there designing headbands for the 5 year old boy in her late 20s?
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Not to cut off other shopping suggestions, but you, your ideas, and a hot glue gun (or superglue) could probably have an awesome Saturday afternoon DIYing this...
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Response by poster: c'mon sea legs, that has been considered for sure, and is waiting in the wings for if I decide I am a headband person after all. I'd rather try out "professional" headbands to see if they suit me first before going all pinterest fail on the thing! :D

I did this exact same thing with earrings a few years back and now I have eight pairs of dinosaur earrings and a whole host of ones I've made myself and oh god won't somebody please stop me
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Do they need to be hard plastic (or fabric-wrapped plastic) ones or can they be wide cloth ones as well?

also if i saw a small child wearing that dinosaur one i would steal it without a moment's hesitation
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Also I know you said you hate the thin ones BUT LOOK

also this
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Maybe these?
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Response by poster: Oh, I should add, they really must be the hard crescent bands, not wrap around cloth ones. I have so little hair that I may as well not have hair and the back of my head is weirdly flat, so the wraparound style things just creep on up my head and are terrible.
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Found a few fun ones on etsy (some have skinny bands):

tentacle, frog, doughnut, bird, fast food, whipped cream, pinwheel, superhero sound
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It's DIY but looks dead simple -- eyeball headband.

Insect headband
-- discussion of a DIY version here.

If you have a hot glue gun I seriously think DIY is the way to go here. Too many of the cute headbands are skinny and it seems really easy to embellish your own wide one with anything you want.
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They don't quite fit your requirements, but these Harriet headbands fit me like no other (and I'm super picky). Good luck on your quest!
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I just saved this etsy shop for their gorgeous silk headbands. You might also get this Alex headbands kit as an easy way to try out DIYing your own headbands. If you find it easy, then you can buy more parts and make your own.
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Oh and a tip on the wide headbands that creep - you can use bobby pins to hold them in place at the nape of your neck, so they sit properly. If you DIY them, you can use a grippy fabric for the inside lining like a nubbly cotton so they don't slide on fine soft hair.
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Response by poster: I messaged the etsy seller and she is going to put this and this on adult-sized wide headbands for me!

Here's the worry doll headband in action!
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