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I remember discovering a site in, god, 2007 or 2008 I think, possible through Metafilter, that had a theme every month (I very much remember the theme 'Anarchy') and published a number of essays around that theme. Not essays by readers, essays by scholars. I think the essays somehow had to be written in reaction to each other. It was super interesting, but I lost track of it and now I don't know what it was called anymore, or even whether it still exists. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Try "Cato Unbound," at cato.org -- that's my best guess.
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Yep, recognise the name immediately. Thanks Mr. Justice!
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You've apparently already found your answer, but if anyone else was reminded of the website started by Derek Powazek in the late 90s, it's Fray, which is still going in a print edition. (Archive here.)
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If you like this sort of themed concept you might enjoy Lapham's Quarterly.
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Thanks guys. I'm a LQ subscriber already, and Fray looks very interesting, so good calls.
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